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Group educational toursWhat makes us completely different from a commercial travel tour is that, at Discern TRAVEL our focus is to offer the discerning traveller a life enhancing educational tour to the Islands of Malta and Gozo.

Our clients are likely to have a common interest in a particular area or share the same goals, and above all believe that learning is one of the best parts of life.

We have been organising personalised group tours for quite a number of years and all along we have established a network of local educators each in their specialised area, and other key people who will make this tour a remarkable one for the traveller.

In addition to expert-led lectures and field trips, our tours will not only expand minds, but engage the traveller with-a-hands on experience to better understand the history and culture, and its people.

In addition to a carefully planned itinerary specifically to the groups’ needs, we will handle all land logistics, including land transportation and accommodation.    

Alumni Associations

If you are a travel director for an Alumni Association, we specialise in organising tours for graduates of Colleges and Universities. Our mission is to provide educational tours to discerning, like-minded travellers for prestigious institutions and at the same time offer adventure and excitement during our trips. Because we know that knowledge is key to our programmes, our tours are accompanied by an academic who is able to delve deeper into a particular subject and provide wider information.

Cultural Associations, Museums, and Churches

We also design tours for members of organisations with a special interest. All our tours are specifically tailor made to meet your particular needs.

Special Interest Groups

If your members are open to learning during their travel, adventurous and enjoy being active then, Malta and Gozo is the perfect location to be. Whatever your interests you will find something interesting for you from, stunning views to striking architecture, clear blue crystal sea to hospitable locals. 

Private Groups

We also cater for clubs, societies, small parties of friends and families who wish to take a private tour. Private groups enjoy the luxury of having a tour guide that can give them more attention, set their own pace during their tour, choose when to travel and above all at a price that is affordable to all. 

Tour Operators

If you are a tour operator who is in contact with educated travellers, we invite you to get in touch with us and together we will explore the travelling possibilities for your group. We will work closely with you to tailor make an educational tour that is right for you in order to offer a unique experience. Drop us a line at and discuss your thoughts with us and we will come up with different options that will work for you.

Group educational tours Group educational tour

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