About Gozo

Historically, the island has always been distinct from mainland Malta; different milestones, traditions, happenings and topography have distinguished the island both on a national scale and as a travel destination. A lower population density and the slower process of urbanisation have contributed to conserving the island's characteristic aura, which wins over the traveller who is looking to slow down.

Gozo is the island where time stood still and where you can still enjoy the same views that the prehistoric people used to enjoy. Fortunately, most of the island is still unspoilt by modern development. It is the second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago with a population of about 30,000 persons. It shares the same history and culture like that of Malta, but its real small size and small population makes Gozo a more tranquil island where the villages still hold their identity and diversity. Besides, all villages in Gozo are separated by farmland and this makes the island a healthier one to live in as the air is still very pure and unpolluted. The large spaces between the villages create a sense of freedom and relaxation. Some of the villages are like old hamlets dominated by the village church which is always the centre of attraction of every village.

Salt Pans          

Wherever you look, the sea is never more than a stone's throw away and it's Gozo's remarkable coastline that stimulates the imagination so strongly: tiny creeks, beaches of red sand, turquoise bays, stretches of limestone criss-crossed with tiny saltpans and majestic high cliffs falling in a sheer drop into the clear waters.

Here hospitality is even more felt as if you ask someone to give you directions to your destination, a local person might even offer to take you there! This is one thing that makes living in Gozo worthwhile and one feels immediately at home when visiting this island.

Off-the-beaten track, you will find small local producers offering tours and hands-on experiences, including fruit-picking, olive oil and wine tasting. Most of the inhabitants are farmers or part time farmers and this is what keeps the island in its original state and very close to nature. Many are those who visit our islands in the winter (if you can call it winter, with temperatures higher than those in northern European countries during their summer) to enjoy walking through our countryside, talking to the farmers and getting to know the island and its people in the true sense.

Gozo Cheeslets         Sheep Grazing








The Greek writer, Homer, relates the story of Ulysses who was shipwrecked on our island during his return from the wars. He was marooned on the sandy beach of Ramla, where he met the queen of the island named Calypso. She enchanted him for 7 years where he lived happily with her until the messenger of the gods forced him to return to his beloved wife Penelope. So he left Calypso’s Cave, as it is still known, and went back to his wife after seven happy years on our island.

Close to and in the same village of Xaghra, lie the oldest free standing temples in the world which date up to 1000 years before the Pyramids. The temples of Ggantija are world famous and considered as world heritage. Surely a visit to our island is a must both for people who love culture, history and nature.

Ramla Bay         Ggantija Temples








Food and drink are a big part of daily life in Gozo. A hilly, fertile Island surrounded by the Mediterranean, it is in an excellent location for healthy and tasty produce. There is a wide variety of restaurants that offer both fine dining as well as more casual eateries offering traditional food. Gozo is host to some of the best award-winning restaurants on the islands and with picturesque views of harbours and bays, it's easy to find a restaurant in a spectacular setting. Restaurants abound in Rabat, Mġarr and in the fishing villages of Marsalforn and Xlendi. Village bars open early in the morning for the early risers who attend the first mass of the day and close fairly late at night, catering to the socialising needs of locals and visitors.

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