Suggested Reading

To get the most out of your experience, here is some suggested reading material. 

The Middle Sea, A History of the Mediterranean by - John Julius Norwich
A marvelous writer who has already tackled Byzantium, the Normans in Sicily and Venice, Norwich spins his magic in this story of culture, trade and politics, royalty and rulers, wars and religion in the Mediterranean from antiquity to the end of the First World War. 

Blue Guide Malta and Gozo by - Geoffrey Aquilina Ross
A comprehensive guide in the well known series, this book provides detailed coverage of the history, culture and architecture of these Mediterranean islands. 

Fortress Malta, An Island Under Siege 1940-43 by - James Holland
In this powerful, intimate book British journalist James Holland draws on letters, diaries and interviews to bring to life the military campaigns, heroism and drama of Malta during WWII. 

Ironfire, A Novel of the Knights of Malta and the Last Battle of the Crusades by - David Ball
In this rousing historical novel the fates of a young boy, his sister, one of the Knights of Malta and an inquisitor play out against the backdrop of the 16th-century Ottoman assault on Malta, the formidable citadel of the Knights of St. John. 

Legacy of a Lost Civilization by Mediterranean Institute of Ancient Civilizations
Original documentary on DVD - 105 minutes New light on the ancient world comes from prehistoric megaliths, the characteristics of sound and the strange artifacts found within them. The subject is a mysteriously advanced people who created gigantic stone monuments on the islands of Malta, more than a thousand years ahead of Stonehenge or the pyramids. Bridging from hard science to theory, this pioneering film delivers compelling incentive to take another look at what we thought we knew about the past. Legacy is dense with information and imagery that has never been seen in North America, much less considered by most of our scholars. The angles of interest range from anthropology and architecture, to art history and ancient religions, to physics and bio-behavioral science. Look inside ancient chambers and examine clues left in wondrous sculpture and artifacts. Filmed on location on Malta and Gozo. 

Lonely Planet Malta & Gozo by - Neil Wilson
A compact, comprehensive guide to Malta, featuring maps, a good overview of culture, history and nature, and plenty of practical information on excursions, accommodations and sightseeing. 

Malta - An Archaeological Paradise by Anthony Bonanno
Head of the Department of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Malta. Prof. Bonanno describes many of the artifacts and remains of Malta's Prehistory.

Maltese Prehistoric Art, 5000 - 2500 BC by EDITOR: Tony Pace
A compendium of articles, illustrations and photos documenting recent discoveries at the Gozo Stone Circle. The volume contains a catalog of over 150 important pieces in the collection of the Malta National Museum of Archaeology.

Paul, The Mind of the Apostle  by - N. Wilson
A richly detailed portrait of the apostle Paul, firmly grounded in the everyday details of life in the Roman Empire. It's a mind-opening, partly historical study of the culture, politics and religion of the early years of Christianity. 

Tell Me About The Maltese Temples by Linda C. Eneix
In straightforward question-and-answer style, the author responds to what people most frequently ask about the astonishing prehistoric monuments of the Maltese Islands. Color photo illustrations. Dual language: English with translation in Maltese.

The Disorderly Knights by - Dorothy Dunnett
The third volume in the Lymond Chronicles follows Francis Crawford of Lymond to Malta, where he has been sent to help the Knights of Hospitallers defend their island against the invading Turks. He soon finds, however, that the greatest danger to the Knights comes from within their own order. 

Treason's Harbour by - Patrick O'Brian
Stephen Maturin, Jack Aubrey and the crew of the H.M.S. Surprise contend with pirates and Napoleon's spies in this splendid novel set on and around Malta. 


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